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ShmoozBiz (shmooz-biz) n. 1. the business network for crowdfunding, startups, investors, and service providers focused on building relationships that take your business to the next level.

CrowdFunding Is Not Easy Anymore

thousands of startup entrepreneurs continue to entertain the fantasy that if they slap something up on Kickstarter, they can alert the media, quickly raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, and presto! Instant company. Or, in the case of creative artists, instant funding for their dreamed-of movie, online TV series, CD, comic, or book of photography.
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Sarah Horner
THAT is a frighteningly good analysis of crowdfunding. I'm off to market the heck out of my amazing rewards & new designs that are already making lots of people happy! Ticking off four out of five of those requirements for a successful campaign.

Lady Muck of Whitstable
Elan Amram
Take a look at the 'How to Crowdfund' videos available in the Video section. They are very helpful.
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