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How to make people pledge...

Short of sending the 'boys' round to have a 'word', how is it possible to translate interest and enthusiasm into pledges?

Putting the word out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are all vital. With plenty of people reading and posting there are multiple daily opportunities to promote Lady Muck of Whitstable's Kickstarter campaign.

Messaging is definitely multi-layered. Introducing a series of posts all about Kickstarter is proving vital. Some people get very 'stuck' on Facebook and are reluctant to leave it for a site that they've never used before. Sometimes it's all about the interesting, contemporary jewellery and the process of going from design, to sample, to final production.

Exploring new avenues - like ShmoozBiz is challenging. Takes a bit of time and I'm always racing to speed through the learning curve of making the best use of crowdfunding networks. Any further tips, Elan Amram?

I'm also writing daily newsletters using Mailchimp. Keeping an eye on subscribers, open rates and click-throughs is giving me lots to think about. At the same time, it's forcing me to be creative about the ways of talking about the Lady Muck Kickstarter campaign.

A clear call to action is vital. Wherever I write, I'm including a link: and telling people to GET IT FUNDED NOW.

And at the end of the day, I remember that it's all about the jewellery and when all this is done and dusted, I'm still able to wear my gold ants necklace. I love it.
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