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Take the Reins a short film by Emma Barrett

ONLY 38 Hours TO GO and $3,200 SHORT - Please help by donating or by spreading the word.
I have a campaign live on Kickstarter to make a film that will address the desolate human disconnection that we self-generate with the fear of not being "perfect" or "normal" in society. When it’s actually the imperfections that make us human... and vulnerable... and beautiful.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we pull this off with merely $1.00 from about ten thousand people -- and real lives are saved as a result? Would $1.00 be worth the time and effort if hundreds of young people see the movie and are restored to their former selves?
The season of giving for the joy of giving is upon us. Imagine the future power of $1.00 pledges if this one succeeds! I hope you will join me by kicking-in for this cause.
Kickstarter Rule: If my campaign does not raised the full amount required, no credit card payments will be collected.
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