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My concept is called GameVesta.

What is GameVesta
GameVesta is an Online Casino designed to encourage people who enjoy gambling, to rather play in a casino environment that invests the money they lose whilst gambling. These investments are then reimbursed to the client after an investment period.

GameVesta guarantees its clients that they cannot lose their money whilst still enjoying the thrill and entertainment of gambling.

Our Slogan is: Never Lose Again

GameVesta’s vision is to create a casino environment for their clients that change the negative and financially devastating aspects associated with gambling, into a fun and positive way of investing and saving money.

With $44 billion being spent in online casino's worldwide per year, and many people that play putting their financial well being at risk, this concepts is designed to change their gambling into something that has long term benefits.

I need to capital investment of $100 000 to set up the game platform, licenses and registration and liquid capital for first few months of operation.

I am not sure if it works with crowd funding, but I want to include everyone that gets involved in the project financially to be part of the business. I have set up a website that invites people to become partners in the venture even if its only a small investment of $5. Can this be done?

Please visit
hmm great stuff..........
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