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Kickstarter Potato Salad Crowdfunding Project Goes Wild

This project was launched as a gag with a goal of just $10 and has gone wild. You would think it was a Girls Gone Wild Video. In the last few hours I had been watching this project it had grown by $5,000 and does not look like it will run out of steam any time soon. With 25 more days to go it has already raised over $29,841.

How high do you think it will go?

We have a $100 StarBucks Gift Card to the first person who can guess the exact final dollar amount this project will close at.

To Qualify, Like, Share this post on Facebook and post your guess on this thread prior to the end of the potato salad kickstarter campaign on Sat, Aug 2 2014 9:47 AM EDT. in order to win. Only 1 entry per person per day.
Last update on July 9, 3:11 pm by Campaign Projects.
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