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To help this family hold onto their hotel room during his brothers illness

This families whole life fell apart yet again this month . Tony took his Learning disabled brother to the hospital at the end of last month because he had been unwell . They did a chest X ray and a CAT scan and discovered a large mass in his chest which could be cancer . Its behind his heart and is pressing on his lung and causing him quite a lot of pain at the moment . They had an appointment with a pulmonary specialist last week and he wants to do a further scan and more tests . Tonys brothers condition has deteriorated over the weekend though and hes going to have to go to the hospital again tomorrow .Tony has been so devoted to his family and his little dogs through so much adversity , please help him if you can .

When Tony took his brother back to the hospital they found he has advanced cancer in his lungs and another tumor on his spine which they are treating with radiation to try and shrink it . They have given his brother just a 50/50 chance of walking again . They also need to do chemotherapy for the cancer in his lungs and other places but need to wait until pneumonia and a blood infection he developed over the weekend clear up first .
The doctors treating his brother are concerned about Tony too being so exhausted by all this and its vital he holds onto the hotel room so he has a place to go back to for a break and to get some rest . He has been staying with his brother overnight a lot whilst hes been in hospital and is very scared and worried about what the future holds for them both . Everything is just taking such a toll on him and hes totally exhausted with it all . Social services are aware of their situation but have said the only housing help they can offer will be senior housing in 5 years time when Tony turns 55 . That of course is no use to them now and we are the only thing keeping a roof over their heads .

This family has been through so much already and this really is making Tony so beside himself with the worry he could lose his precious little brother soon . They lost their home 8 years ago when at that time Tony was caring for his learning disabled brother and elderly father and they had 2 little elderly dogs . They went through living in their car on the streets for 5 years . His dad had 2 major surgeries , one for cancer which left him with a colostomy bag . . They lost their storage unit which held virtually all their belongings . One night they were parked on the street and the car parked behind them suddenly burst into a ball of flames . Tonys dad suffered a stroke that left him in hospital with swallowing difficulties for 3 months . During this time Tony was constantly splitting himself between his brother and 2 little dogs in a hotel room across from the hospital and spending as much time every day as he could by his dads bedside as he battled repeated bouts of pneumonia . Sadly almost 3 years ago his dad could no longer fight the pneumonia and Tony still feels so lost and alone without him being with them . At this time his brothers benefit also had to be recalculated and they never knew when it was going to be paid or how much of it they would get for 4 months . That is when I started doing these monthly fund raisers and carried on doing them as their car was not a viable option for them to live in any more Through all this Tony was adamant that his 2 little dogs were precious and the only place for them was with the family they belonged to . So many would of dumped them in the nearest shelter for so much less . IF everyone was like Tony then there would be no dogs needing rehoming because their families would value them as they should be valued . Sadly both his elderly dogs have now died from old age , one a while ago and his other one at the start of this year . When his first dog died he went to the shelter and gave a new home to the dog pictured above sat next to his brother .That was in spite of having no home himself ... he still had lots of love to give and this little dog has a very good home now . They had to scrap their car because it was very old and too expensive to repair . That meant they would be walking the streets and that is why I ask for help , to keep them off the streets and in a hotel room as their only income is his brothers disability benefit that only covers half the cost . This month there will probably be added expense as Tony will need to get to appointments for his brother and that may involve having to hire a car as he has no transport himself . For this reason and because of all the uncertainty there is this month the goal has been set a little higher , WE NEED TO MAKE SURE ANY EXTRA EXPENSES CAN BE COVERED FOR THEM Please give what you can and also leave your words of encouragement and support to help them through this terrifying time . Tony is so very very scared he will lose his brother and everything else if this turns out badly . LASTLY PLEASE ALL PRAY AS MUCH AND AS HARD AS YOU CAN FOR TONY AND HIS BROTHER .. THEY SAY PRAYERS CAN WORK THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT ... WE WILL APPRECIATE IT ALL MORE THAN EVER IM SURE THIS MONTH ... LOVE YOU ALL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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