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THANK YOU ........... Tony returned to the hotel yesterday and thanks to our recent donors was able to pay up till Friday ... thank you all of you that helped make that happen . He was going to stay overnight at the hotel but his friend has Rocky and his brother wasn't there either so it just didn't feel right and he missed his brother so much that he got someone that works at the hotel to take him back to the hospital again .

Please pray really hard for them again the next day or two . His brother is about to have the last radiation treatment on the tumor on his spine .. then they will x ray it again to see if it has shrunk like they are hoping it will have . If its gone well and has shrunk they may start working towards getting his brother up and about again .. at the moment hes having to lay flat on his back all the time which he finds very frustrating .

Please pray that the radiation will of worked and that his brother will walk again and that this precious family WILL get to have some QUALITY time together again . All Tony is praying for is for his little family to be back together again like it was before this happened .. he misses his brother and little Rocky so much and is so terrified that things may never be the same again .. It really is a crucial time for them again and they need us all to pray as hard as we can and make sure they hold onto their room too .

Please remember that they will need to have more funds to pay for the room at the end of this week too and give if you can and keep sharing too .. Thank you so much everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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