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Donation vs Pledge: what's the motivation?

Kickstarter campaigns don't fund themselves. I'm keeping up the pace of talking to as many people as possible, constantly nudging them to look at the campaign, watch the video and GET INVOLVED!

Most of the time, I don't believe in making people do something they don't want to do - but different rules apply during Kickstarter. I'm on a mission to work out:

    are they fired up by the witty, contemporary designs and want to support my work?

    are they inspired by the growth and success of a small business with big ambitions?

    do they love jewellery and the way edgy pieces can transform an outfit from 'standard' to WOW?

    would they prefer to simply make a donation and say 'fly, Esa - achieve your dreams!'?

What is that motivates you to pledge or donate to a crowdfunded project?

Start the discussion - or better still let me know with you donation or pledge at YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.


DESIGN FOR BUSINESS: The £1,000 reward includes (along with studio visit, lunch, Whitstable walk and a very large collection of jewellery) a bespoke design with five copies made for you and friends. This could be used by a business looking for a unique piece to celebrate an event or anniversary. Please contact me if you would like to know more.
Sarah Horner
Lady Muck of Whitstable: contemporary jewellery
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