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Pomegranate BBQ Sauce - Smoky, Tangy With A Kick!

BAH BAH BBQ sauce is the best tasting, health-boosting BBQ sauce out on the market - combining a smoky BBQ taste with tangy POM!

The story all started, when my wife and I were dabbling in the kitchen - and created our first product, all-natural, pomegranate-based hot sauce. We named it BAH BAH Hot Sauce, which is Farsi for “Mmmm Mmmm". You see, our Persian roots play a key role in our kitchen. Surprisingly, we didn't set out to create a new hot sauce. Shima and I are foodies. We love cooking and we LOVE tasting our unique creations. By accident, we mixed natural pomegranate with a homemade hot sauce and were amazed by the taste. A light bulb went off, and we knew our pomegranate hot sauce was something that provided the perfect blend of heat and tanginess. In addition, there are countless benefits to eating pomegranates - so BAH BAH is not only amazing in taste, but also amazing for your health.
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