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Tony's learning disabled brother ( pictured ) was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of February and lost his battle with the disease on the 4th of April .

Tony is understandably distraught and needs our help to get him through this terrible time as he could lose everything and end up on the streets with nothing .

Please help Tony who has cared for his Grandmother , Mother , Father and brother during the last 15 years or so . All of them have now passed away and Tony is left with just his little dog Rocky . He has been so dedicated to his Chihuahuas and family and given up his own life to care for them even after they were made homeless when he lost his job . Now he needs someone to take care of him and help him heal , and is sat in his hotel room alone with no one . He is very worried that without our help he will end up on the streets, lose what few possessions he has left and have to part with his beloved dog too as he feels he cant put little Rocky through that .

This is to help him keep a bed to sleep in and a roof over his head whilst he heals from the terrible recent events which have left him very very depressed and ill himself .

Please give what you can when you can and help Tony at least hold onto a bed to sleep in , and a place to feel safe whilst he heals .

Thank you everyone xx

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I feel so bad for this courageous hero, it breaks my heart to think that he has family and apparently they have desrted him
His love and devotion to his family is breath didn't rub off on the sister and that is sad
Please share this hero's plight. He has given all he has and asked for nothing in return, except for the dignity not be out on the streets. What a sad story
God bless Tony and Rocky, this man has gone through so much heartache

If your wondering about the sister here's what Tony had to say .. Let them know my sister don't want tone bothered and she just don't care if it wasn't for me calling her telling her our brother was sick she would never had called me ..... I might add that through all the time they've been homeless shes never phoned to ask how they are , never so much as wished them happy birthday or merry Christmas .. and since his brothers death shes not even phoned to see how Tony is !!!
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