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My name is Esa Evans and I'm ready to produce my new, contemporary jewellery designs. I need £21,000 for nine new laser cut jewellery collections. With your support, these will be available from June 2015.

I design jewellery for women - and men too - who have a keen wit and an eye for style. People who choose jewellery that adds a spark of inspiration and imagination to every outfit.

I need to cover additional costs for launching and promoting the collections so that people know where they can find Lady Muck jewellery.

If you or even your friends and family like to accessorise, you'll know how important it is to find enjoyable and stylish jewellery. Your pledges will enable me to promote my jewellery to retailers, wearers and gift-givers.

Lady Muck rewards

The campaign rewards include limited edition items based on my popular Ants design and other new collections of necklaces, earrings, brooches, cufflinks and bracelets. Working in metals, my designs will be finished in a variety of ways including gleaming gold plate, polished stainless steel, contemporary powder-coating and colourful enamels.

Dragons & horses: Chinatown collection

With your pledges and support I will create the striking Dragon necklace in laser-cut stainless steel. The pendant will be approximately 10cm tall and finished in red enamel and gold-plate on a 55cm chain.

My Galloping Horses necklaces in metals will be available in three finishes, polished stainless steel, powder-coated matt black and gold-plate. The horses will be approximately 6cm in width, striking an elegant, delicate note to this dynamic piece. I am creating a pair of matching Galloping Horse stud earrings finished in polished stainless steel, powder-coated matt black and gold plate.

These metal designs will be available this summer as part of my Chinatown collection. I have included them in the Rewards, starting from £20 for a pair of Galloping Horse stud earrings, up to £80 for the complete collection.

Ants: Rose Gold Collection & Cuff

My Ants collection is one of my newest and most popular collections. Currently available in gold plate or matt black powder-coating, the success of this campaign will enable me to produce a limited edition Rose Gold Ants collection exclusively for Kickstarter supporters.

With your support, I will also create an elegant Ants cuff that wraps laser cut ants around the wrist. Made in stainless steel, the cuff will be available in rose-gold plate, gold plate and matt black powder-coating.

The Rewards include a number of ways to buy from the current and Limited Edition Ants collection - including the all new Ants Cuff.

Palm Leaf & Banana

Inspired by the combination of my Leaves and Tropical Pineapple collections, I have designed a Palm Leaf & Banana collection. The design is based on laser cut stainless steel, finished in vibrant yellow and green enamel to create a two piece Palm Leaf pendant with a Banana charm. The Palm Leaf is approximately 5 cm long and the Banana charm is approximately 1.5cm long.

This sunshine-y, summer piece will be completed by two designs of mini Palm Leaf & Banana stud earrings. These can be worn as matching pairs or as twinned pairs (a banana and a leaf) as your mood takes you!

Samples are pictured below. Final pieces may differ. You can find these Palm Leaf & Banana pieces in the Rewards.

Honeycomb & Bees

Honeycomb & Bees is a much loved collection. With your support I'll develop and extend this collection with a new Bee design and reducing the scale of the honeycomb to create elegant, deco-inspired gold plate pieces.

I have included the laser-cut acrylic mini Honeycomb & Bee necklace (shown below) in the Rewards.

Tropical Pineapple

I introduced my initial collection of laser-cut metal designs at a trade fair in January this year – a pineapple pendant and matching earrings. Lots of the buyers I spoke to loved the new pieces and they sold well; many of them said how keen they are for me to expand the range.

I'm including my newest Tropical Pineapple metals collection in the Rewards because it's perfect for summer!

What's the story so far?

I started designing fascinators and then earrings from the kitchen table of my home in Whitstable, a coastal town in the South East of England. At the time I was working as a school teaching assistant, selling at local craft fairs in my spare time. The response to my early designs was amazing and I started selling fascinators to one local shop and earrings to another. I was also selling to friends, who suggested other places that might stock my designs, so I started phoning, emailing and visiting shops and slowly built up a network of small, independent retailers that were enthusiastic about my work.

After six months I took the plunge, left my job and expanded my range into necklaces, brooches, rings and bracelets. I also started producing my first laser-cut designs, which really helped me establish my own style. The magpies earrings were an early design and I've included these in the Rewards as a signature Lady Muck design.

A big break came for me when I approached the Turner Contemporary, a newly-opened art gallery in nearby Margate and they really liked my pieces. The gallery now stocks around 20 of my designs including a bespoke range of seagull earrings, necklaces and brooches. They are very keen on stocking the new range, so I really hope I can raise the money I need.

Where is the business now?

Things have gone really well. I now have around 150 stockists, most of whom I have found by exhibiting at trade shows. My main stockists include the British Library shop, who sell my honeycomb pieces, bee earrings and a bespoke range of fascinators that I produced for their gothic exhibition last year; the Saatchi Gallery, which sold 65 of my ant necklaces in four months; and the Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh. I've also created bespoke collections for The Pier Arts Centre, Orkney and The Fan Museum Greenwich.

Other new and exclusive collections are now sold at theatres and museums including Shakespeare's Globe, Museum of Wales and the Wellcome Collection in London.

Why do I need to raise this money?

I am really proud of how well my work has been received. At the moment I pay myself very little, reinvesting most of what I have made back into the business. So far I have been entirely self-funded and the company has grown organically, but it is time to move forward. Investing in the new range will allow me to further expand both my creative horizons and my business and really establish myself as a jewellery designer.

Laser cut metal is more expensive to produce than laser cut acrylic and the designs must be ordered in larger quantities. But it is also a more robust material which will allow me to produce more detailed and delicate designs, in stainless steel, gold plate, powder coat and enamel. The money raised will also contribute to the costs of launching the new range; photographs, a model shoot, promotion and marketing, and exhibitor fees for a high profile trade show.

I take a lot of care over the quality and finish of my items. It's important to me that you can wear my designs again and again. Cufflinks in particular, need to be resilient and robust (pieces from my Broadway, Honeycomb & Bees and Insects collections are shown below and are included in the Rewards).

I have had a good response from my current collections and have had great feedback on my new designs so I am confident they will sell. But further investment is needed to enable me to put the new collections into production. I really hope I can achieve this and would be incredibly grateful if you are able to help me succeed.

How does the Kickstarter funding campaign work?

For 30 days, you will be able to make pledges to help bring my designs to life. Pledges range from £5 to £1000 with rewards to match, including some very special limited edition pieces created only for backers of the campaign.

Kickstarter is all-or-nothing, so I must raise the full £21,000 to unlock your pledge; if I don’t manage to reach my target, you won’t be charged and there will be no rewards.

For your pledge you can select a reward from the right hand side of this page. A £5 pledge will get you a postcard and a lot of gratitude from me; pledge more and there are various pieces of jewellery on offer - pictured throughout this page. You might even like to visit me at home where I design my jewellery. I will make you lunch, we can go for a walk around Whitstable and you'll take away a fabulous collection of jewellery too. I have even made available a bespoke consultation on your own design of acrylic jewellery, with up to five copies of your design so you can share them among friends if you wish.

The manufacturing and delivery process

This campaign is open to backers for 30 days. After that the timetable is:

Week 1-3: First orders placed with suppliers
Week 4-8: All thank you cards dispatched and YouTube musical thank yous uploaded
Week 12: Deadline for dispatch of limited edition rose gold pieces
August 2015: At least 50% of designs launched at London Fashion Trade Show
Winter 2016: All collections launched at London Fashion Trade Show
Risks and challenges

The jewellery gifts have already been designed and are ready to be manufactured, so there is no risk on that front. I don’t anticipate any problems with the supply process, but if any delays do occur I will keep you fully up-to-date with the progress of your reward.